M3 designs, builds, and supports Intel based computers for business and for play.  In addition to the standard offerings listed below, Millenium 3 will also custom-build the perfect PC for your computing needs!


Intel’s newest computing powerhouse comes in an unprecedented form factor. Next Unit of Computing (NUC) proves that big things come in small packages; tiny enough to be mounted on the back of your monitor, NUC’s  carry enough power to do all of your office and desktop computing. With all that power, NUC’s use very little power compared to standard desktop, making them highly energy efficient.


What’s so cool about it?

The Intel NUC is small, yet very powerful and energy efficient. Capable of out-preforming many desktop computers in its mind-blowing 4″ x 4″ form factor, the Intel NUC is designed to mount on the back of your TV or monitor, and is ideal for a media PC.

M3 Custom Workstations

Geared towards home users, our Catalyst systems are perfect for browsing the web and light office  work.

Catalyst Pro
Middling between our Catalyst and Echelon systems, our Catalyst Pro system is  targeted toward work at home and small offices.

Echelon Pro
Perfect solution for the office environment. Capable of crunching excel data, running quick books, and looking at your favorite cat videos online at once, it will meet most office needs easily.

Whether you’re crashing through waves chasing booty in the latest Assassin’s Creed, or storming the battlements in Mordor, these powerhouse system will see you to victory. Designed to give you big bang for the buck, our Spitfire Gaming system gives power playing abilities without breaking the bank.



Whether you’re needing a laptop to surf YouTube, give a presentation during your business class, or chase after Ceri in Witcher 3, M3 has you covered. With a large select of laptops to chose from including laptops built by Panasonic, Sony, Asus, and Microsoft such as the Panasonic Toughbook.



M3’s Servers are designed, assembled, and deployed by our experienced IT Professionals so that they have plenty of power for your current business software applications with room to grow. We’ll provide as smooth a transition as possible for your business, with minimal interruptions to work flow to make your upgrade as painless as practical.