M3 Will Manage Your Network


Moving buildings? Need additional network drops made due to expansion? Need a fiber line ran between buildings?

Millenium 3 designs, installs, and troubleshoots networks for businesses, schools, and home. We will help you with simple networking such as connecting 2 computers to a shared internet connection, sharing printers among multiple computers, or setting up a client/server network to share data. Moreover, we can enable you to do more complex networking such as creating a VPN between your home and your office, connecting two offices with a fiber optic or wireless Wide Area Network, and provide Internet access and web servers for your business. All networking quotes are free.

Connect Two Locations

We can install a Wide Area Network that uses fiber optic cable or wireless bridges to connect remote offices and networks.

Connect the Office to Home

We can set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) over the Internet that enables you to securely access your office computer from home.

Wireless Networks

Conference rooms, school labs, homes, and entire facilities can be covered by wireless networks to keep you connected in the portable world.

Infrastructure Wiring

Whether you need a network drop for that new computer or printer, or you need your new building wired with certified Cat 5, Cat 6, or fiber optic cable, call on our experience and expertise.